The Photonics initiative of South African has as its main objective to ensure that South Africa can harness the potential presented by Photonics to develop human capital, stimulate multidisciplinary basic and applied research as well as create economic benefit and job creation for South Africa. To achieve these objectives requires significant investment and conscious effort based on an integrative approach comprising all the relevant stakeholders. To this end, the Department of Science and Technology is supporting the development of a national strategy on Photonics, which should inter alia present a roadmap for the future of photonics in the country.

Objectives of PISA

Short Term (1-2 years):

  • To develop a coherent multidisciplinary strategy for photonics research, development and innovation in South Africa which takes into consideration all the stake holders in the research, development and innovation (RDI) value chain.

Long Term:

  • Stimulate R&D in photonics at HEI's, Science Councils and Industry
  • Develop sufficient human capital to sustain the level of R, D and I
  • Create an enabling environment for the incubation / formation of local photonics industries
  • Position South Africa as a significant player in the field of photonics R, D and I
  • Create local industries for the manufacture of photonics based products
  • Address the National Priorities of job creation, poverty aleviation

PISA Steering committee

  • Prof. Krish Baruth-Ram KB
  • Prof. Beatrys Lacquet BL
  • Prof. Nithaya Chetty NChet
  • Dr. Neville Comins NCom
  • Prof. Neil Coville NCov
  • Dr. Thulani Dlamini TD
  • Mr. Joseph Malipisi - JM
  • Prof. Erich Rohwer - ER
  • Mr. Hardus Greyling HG (secretariat)

For more information please visit the PISA website here.

Webmaster: Dr PH Neethling